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The Wave Journal of the Bristol Channel Pilot Cutter Owners Association

From the Chairman

One thousand miles downwind

Spring meeting and racing

Kindly Light relaunched

Kindly Light: the philosophy behind her recommissioning

My landlady’s sister brought me a pilot cutter

The life and loss of the yacht Jenny

Cariad to the rescue.

From the Chairman

News of The Cutters

Racing Reports

Olga's New Deck

The Model Makers

St. Mawes 2007

Bristol Channel Pilot Cutters Interiors

 From the Chairman

News of Cutters

John Rich - A Memoir

Swimming in Norway

Racing Reports

Hirta's mid-life crisis

Frolic and Letty

The Bristol Channel Race

Pilot Cutters in the Bristol Channel
(a poem by C.L. "Stormy" Davies)

From the editor

Alpha in the Baltic

Racing reports

Olga in 2005

Marguerite 2004-05

Never listen to pub yarns

Cornubia's rebuild

From the Editors

Association debate

Cariad's centenary story

Alpha's centenary story

Alpha: A Dutchman's love affair

Peggy's 100th year

Peggy's centenary story

Baroque' in Sweden,

Mascotte's centenary story

From Falmouth Eastwards

From the Editor

Thoughts on heaving-to in pilot cutters

Attempt at a trip to Cork, a few days before Christmas

The performance of gaff-rigged sailing cutters

Pictures from earlier Race Weeks

From the Editor

Last Summer's Races

Pill, the village of Pilots

Dolphin: A Biscay crossing

Marguerite Transatlantic Passage

Editor's Introduction
A preview of the summer races

The early history of the Bristol Pilots

Peggy, ex-Wave: A lot of rot
The Bristol Channel Pilots: The customer's view


Kindly Light: An update on her rebuild

From the editor & news of the cutters

Racing in 2009

Raider - her Centenary

Cariad to Paimpol

Dolphin in Svalbard - 2009

Restoring Alpha Part 1

In their Own Words

 From the editor & news of the cutters

Olga is 100 years old

The Autumn Meeting at Gweek

Recollections of the 2008 Races

Mascotte’s People, Pilotage and Profit

Marian’s (nearly) Awfully Big Adventure

Dolphin’s Centenary

Norman Alexander – a tribute

 From the Chairman

Cornubia’s Latest Role  Cornubia: The First One Hundred Years

Kindly Light Centenary

Mascotte and Talus

Racing in 2010

St Mawes Review 2011

Restoring Alpha, Part 2

Dennis Crompton

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