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The annual journal of the Bristol Channel Pilot Cutters Owners Association. Spring 2013 issue out now.

The Bristol Channel Pilot Cutter Owners Association

1: To encourage the restoration, preservation and ownership of original Bristol Channel Pilot Cutters with historical accuracy,

2: To represent the interests of Bristol Channel Pilot Cutter owners whenever this becomes necessary.

3: To organise an annual race and meet in the waters ofthe Bristol Channel for original Bristol Channel Pilot Cutters.

4: To encourage individual research into all aspects of Bristol Charmel Pilot Cutters.

Swansea Maritime Museums Olga.

The Wave Magazine

Dolphin, Svalbard summer 2010. The Wave

Founded in 1997 by the owners of the last remaining original Bristol Channel Pilot Cutters the associations objectives are:

Photographs of Alpha taken since the completion of her restoration in 2010...>>

Swansea Museum's Olga.

Dolphin, Svalbard summer 2010.

Pill Pilots and "Westernmen"  circa 1880.



Bristol Channel Pilot Cutter Owners Association race programme for spring and summer 2013.

Racing 2013


Eighteen Bristol Channel Pilot Cutters survive out of a fleet that once numbered into the hundreds.

Last Pilot Cutters

Pilot Cutters

You do not have to be a Bristol Channel Pilot Cutter owner to become a member of  the BCPCOA.

Welcome to bcpcoa.com

Dolphin in the arctic gallery. Read "Dolphin in Svalbard" in the summer 2010 issue of The Wave....>>